The Family Box

The Family Box



  • 4x of our cheeses
  • 2x of our chutneys
  • 2x packets of crackers


...and a box of Caramels....


Please specifiy options in the note box:

Cheeses (choose 4)


The Vintage One

The Cranberry One

The Truffle One

The Caramelised Red Onion One

The Apricot & Chilli One

The Garlic One

The Curry One

The Herby One

The Claret One

The Whisky One

The Chilli & Tomato One

The Mustard One

The Charcoal One

The Chilli One


Cracker Options (choose 2)


Millers Three Fruit Crackers

Millers Water Crackers

Millers Three Seed Crackers

Millers Fire Crackers


Millers Ale Crackers


Chutneys (choose 2)

The Bay Tree Caramelised Sticky Onion

The Bay Tree Sticky Figgy Chutney

Nikki's Stradbrooke Roast Pepper Chutney

Nikki's Pineapple & Red Onion Chutney

Nikki's Beetroot & Ginger Chutney

Nikki's Spiced Apple Chutney

Each cheese weighs 200g. The Truffle One weighs 150g.